Facial Treatments: We offer premium facial treatments using only Dr. Rimpler – Pflege und Schönheit durch Natur und Wissenschaft!  All products are produced to the most rigorous standards by hand in Germany, under the supervision of leading dermatologists. Precious, active ingredients are carefully composed and turned into high-quality skin care products. The contents stimulate the growth of new, younger skin cells so the structure of the face’s skin becomes visibly better. Skin feels noticeably more elastic and taut, and wrinkles are reduced.

SugaringThe gentle depilation
The ingredients sugar, water and lemon allow the sessu application for all skin types and body regions, the skin is always treated as gently as possible. The unwanted hair is removed very gently. After the depilation the skin is treated with with special products.

Depilation with PINK – non allergic.

Permanent Kosmetik: Honestly now – who does not want to jump out of bed with a perfect make-up every morning, with perfect eyebrows, accurate eyelid lines and a seductive mouth? With the accomplished permanent stylist Erika Brunnhardt-Müller, we count a great permanent make-up stylist part of our team! Erika has been working independently in Contour Make-up for many years and is blessed with a pronounced aesthetic sense of beauty!