Price overview

Valued Customer – You will not find your conventional price list. It is not our objective to lure you in to our salon with cheap prices.

We do not consider us to be cheap – but reasonable! Our structure, excellent staff qualifications as well as high product quality do have a pricetag – and we would not want to offer anything of less quality to our valued customers.

Our treatments are structured in a modular concept – and you are always free to choose the respective components. We happily answer any questions you may have and would advise you accordingly. We are sure that we have combinations available to fit any requirements.

We commit ourselves to dependable appointments with little to no waiting time. In case you wont be able to keep an appointment – kindly take a minute to cancel latest 24 hours prior so that we have a chance to allocate the alloted slot anew. We ask for your understanding that for missed appointments or late cancellations the charge of the scheduled treatment applies.