We pride ourselves in using only high quality and carefully tested products in our salon. To make the most of your treatments we encourage you to continue using the products used in treatmenst for home care.

For Naildesign and Hand- and Nail care we are mainly use products from our main supplier UnguisArtsUnguisArts is a leading manufacturer and we have a fair and long standing cooperation on eye-level for years.
We complete the portfolio with few items from i.e.

For pedicure and anything concerning foot care our main provider is Gehwol. With over 150 years in the field of foot care – they sure know their stuff!

For cosmetics and wellness we work mainly with the german manufacturer Dr. Rimpler Kosmetik as well as

  • Triple Lanolin
  • beauty – piler (hairs away)
  • Cosart – decorative cosmetic
  • Sessu Cosmetics (Sugaring)
  • P. Jentschura – “The triple jump to purification”